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32 York Road,
01628 620579
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Medals Board
By the A.C.C.
2008L. Graham
2008M.R. Curphey
2007T. Wilson
2006P. L. DigbyExtra Bar 2011
2006J. Bailey
2004H.T. BirdExtra Bar 2009
2004Mrs A. DigbyExtra Bar 2009
2004B.W. Jelliss
2002Mrs M. BirdExtra Bar 2007
2002R.J. Brady
2001R.F. WilliamsStewards PendantExtra Bar 2004-07-10-13
2000N. Lovell
1999N. BradyExtra Bar 2009
1999R.J. Slaughter
1998D.V.B. Harris
1997Mrs C.J. Newby J.P.
1995C.G. Tilbury
1994D.C Mayne
1994H. BirdExtra Bar 1999
1993E.J. Dorsett
1993W.H. Mansell
1992R.F. WilliamsStewards PendantExtra Bars 1995-98
1991J.D. HenryExtra Bar 1997
1991T. Doherty
1988L.W. Dring
1987R.P. Woods
1984P. DohertyExtra Bar 1989
1984F. Turner Snr
1983G. ThomasStewards Pendant
1983W.G. Howell
1982R.F. HoodExtra Bar 1987
1982W.M. Jaques
1982G.G. Gray
1980T.R. Bintcliffe
1980D. Gray
1977E.R. GillExtra Bar 1982
1977A.E. BrettExtra Bar 1988
1973F.D. Turner
1972P.E.L. BusstExtra Bars 1977-82-87-92
1970D.A.B. Sams
1969I.H. VenablesExtra Bars 1973-78
1969G.C. Cave
1969R.H. AldredExtra Bars 1974-79-84-89-94
1968A.E. Green
1966E.D. OwenExtra Bars 1973-78-83-88-93
1966A.L. SamsExtra Bar 1973
1965C.P.O. Hulley
1957J.G. Judge
1957A. Jameson
1956A. Goom
1955W.L. Walker
1954E.T. Stacey
1952I. VenablesSteward’s Pendant
1949R.G. Egby
1949H.J. Burfitt
1948A.J.CherryExtra Bars 1943-48
1948N.F. Brill
1948F.H. Hunter
1946A. Sleath
1945H.J.W. Smith
1944H.WoodExtra Bars 1944-49-54
1943N.R. Edwards
1936H.EvansExtra Bars 1941-46-51-56
1935W.J. SingerExtra Bar 1940
1934P. Lovejoy
1933A.J. GreenExtra Bar 1938
1932H. Spindler
1931W.G. Harrow
1930C.M. Fuller
1928E.V. MorrisExtra Bars 1933-38-43-48
1927H.G. BenyonExtra Bars 1932-37
1926H. MaiseyExtra Bars 1931-36
1925C. AyliffeExtra Bar 1930
1924J. BeareExtra Bar 1937
1923F.C. RantExtra Bars 1928-33-38-43-48
1922G.H. Holland
1921G. GyngellExtra Bars 1921-26
1920G. GoddardExtra Bar 1920
1919H. VenablesSteward’s PendantExtra Bars 1922-25-28-36-38-42-45
1919G.W. Hooper
1909P.G. Pearson
1908F. Pitcher
1907J.BrooksExtra Bar 1912
1907W. KingSteward’s PendantExtra Bar 1911
1906J.R.NeeveExtra Bar 1911
1905W. James
1904J. GibsonExtra Bar 1909
1903J.W. RichardsonExtra Bar 1908

The Committee

The Club is run by a committee of up to 12 members who are elected anually at the AGM usually held towards the end of April. Members of the Committee may be awarded Distinguished Services Medals by the ACC in recognition of service above that normally expected and with a minimum of five years service. Click on the icon to show/hide the Medals Board (scroll to view older awards). The current committee is as follows:


Maureen Bird


Nigel Brady

Vice Chairman

Elisa Croxford

Honorary Secretary

Wendy Murray


Matthew Diamond


Committee Members

Claire Jackson

Julian Croxford

Ken Cartland

Robert Eason

Tina Eason


We on the Committee urge you to support your Club,; it is only with the ongoing support of members that the Club can thrive.